We are industry experts in the valuation of flexible gas and power assets. This includes thermal power plants, gas storage assets, interconnectors, gas & LNG supply contracts and LNG supply chain infrastructure. Our clients include gas producers, utilities, generators and investment funds.

Our expertise

Our team consists of a core group of senior industry experts in flexible asset valuation. Our capability is built on a practical experience of valuing assets for some of the world’s leading energy companies and investment funds. Our services cover analysis of market value drivers, asset margin distributions, risk/return dynamics and risk adjusted asset value quantification.

Timera Energy has a sophisticated in-house suite of asset valuation models covering power plants, gas storage/swing, interconnectors and flexible LNG assets and contracts. Our analytical capability has been developed using leading energy industry analytical techniques. Our models have been widely used by clients to support the purchase, sale and commercial monetisation of assets and contracts.

Client Case Studies

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Pipeline asset valuation

    Client: Global Infrastructure Fund

    Objective: We were engaged to analyse evolution of European gas flows, capacity value and evolution of contracting strategy for a key pipeline linking Central & Southern Europe.
    Deliverables: We analysed the evolution of the value of long and short term capacity contracts under different scenarios for European gas market flow patterns (e.g. LNG vs Russian role).
    Results: Our advice and analysis supported the client’s sale process for an equity stake in the pipeline.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Regas terminal valuation

    Client: Gas & Oil Producer

    Objective: We modelled the evolution of European LNG imports and terminal utilisation, in order to analyse regas capacity value across different locations in Europe.
    Deliverables: We delivered the client different scenarios of European flows, terminal utilisation and a view on the key drivers of the evolution of terminal capacity value.
    Results: Our analysis was used by the client to focus in on specific target markets for potential acquisition and/or development of regas capacity.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    LNG supply contract flex valuation

    Client: Global Gas & Oil Producer

    Objective: We worked with the client to value the diversion flexibility in a long term LNG supply contract.
    Deliverables: This included analysis of the evolution of European and Asian LNG spot prices as well as quantification of the intrinsic and extrinsic value of diversion rights.
    Results: Valuation results supported renegotiation with the contract counterparty.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Interconnector valuation

    Client: Infrastructure Fund

    Objective: We were engaged to value an equity stake in a UK to France interconnector in support of a bid.
    Deliverables: We analysed the evolution of UK vs French power price spreads and used our stochastic interconnector valuation framework to model intrinsic & extrinsic value of capacity.
    Results: Our work supported investment case development, quantification of a bid price and investment committee approval.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Hydro asset valuation

    Client: Private Equity Fund

    Objective: We worked with the client to value a UK pump storage hydro asset in support of a prospective bid.
    Deliverables: We undertook detailed stochastic modelling of the value of hydro asset flexibility. We also analysed the evolution of different ancillary service and capacity market revenue streams.
    Results: Analysis supported the client’s development of an investment case for the asset as well as a potential bid price.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Peaker acquisition advice

    Client: IPP Generator

    Objective: We worked with the client to value an OCGT plant in the Belgian power market.
    Deliverables: We conducted an analysis of the evolution of peak prices and capacity payments across NW Europe. This fed into stochastic asset modelling with a focus on tangible extrinsic value.
    Results: Plant valuation analysis supported the client’s investment committee approval for an asset bid.