Value Monetisation

We have extensive expertise in the monetisation of flexible gas and power assets, including contracting, hedging and optimisation strategies. We particularly specialise in commercial analytics solutions to support the management of asset and portfolio value. Our clients include investors, asset managers and energy supply & trading functions.

Our expertise

Our team has strong practical experience of the monetisation of flexible assets, gained from senior commercial and analytical roles within the industry. We work with clients to develop contracting, hedging and optimisation strategies and understand their impact on asset and portfolio risk/return.

We have particularly strong expertise in the design, development and implementation of commercials analytics solutions. We work with clients to deliver solutions that enhance value extraction by providing greater transparency on asset value, risk/return dynamics, hedging impact and performance measurement.

Timera Energy has a sophisticated in-house commercial analytics capability that supports our delivery of solutions to clients. This covers the management of individual asset value (e.g. power plant or gas swing/storage hedging & optimisation). It also covers the management of portfolio value (e.g. the hedging & optimisation of LNG portfolio flexibility). Our analytical capability spans an asset lifetime horizon, from the prompt hedging & optimisation of assets in spot and forward markets to long term contracting and exposure management.

Client case studies

  • Project Client Brief overview

    LNG contract hedging & optimisation

    Client: Global LNG Company

    Objective: We worked with the client to develop an analytical tool to support the hedging & optimisation of a portfolio of flexible LNG supply contracts.
    Deliverables: Project scope covered design, development, testing and implementation of the tool on the client’s desktop.
    Results: The tool is used to support day to day hedging and optimisation decisions as well as for medium term contract pricing.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Storage capacity hedging strategy

    Client: Storage Asset Operator

    Objective: We were engaged to provide commercial advice on how storage capacity was being hedged and utilised by capacity buyers.
    Deliverables: Work covered advice on storage hedging strategies, capacity utilisation analysis, different buyer types & their behaviour.
    Results: This fed into development of a capacity marketing strategy (e.g. product configuration, pricing, interruption, target buyers).

  • Project Client Brief overview

    CCGT margin management advice

    Client: Portfolio Generator

    Objective: We supported the client with refining its margin management strategy for a portfolio of CCGT assets.
    Deliverables: We worked with the generator to define a practical means of implementing a delta hedging strategy to manage forward market asset exposures.
    Results: Our advice and analysis underpinned the design and implementation of a new hedging and risk management approach.

  • Project Client Brief overview

    Capacity market strategy

    Client: UK Generator

    Objective: We worked with the client to develop a multi-year bidding & margin strategy for the UK capacity market.
    Deliverables: Work covered analysis of capacity payment impact on asset margin, required risk adjusted return and competitor behaviour, to support development of a robust bidding framework.
    Results: Our analysis and commercial advice supported the client through preparation and bidding in the capacity auction.