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Confronting power market uncertainty

We use a UK case study to illustrate how new approaches to confronting power market uncertainty are replacing traditional scenario analysis.

LNG market balance in 5 charts

We look at the global LNG market supply and demand balance in 5 charts as well as why 2019 may be a critical year.

Variable cost a key differentiator for storage

We use a case study to illustrate why gas storage asset variable costs are a key value driver. We also look at how costs can be optimised to increase value.

LNG shipping distances drive up costs

We look at the impact of LNG voyage distances on shipping costs and how this drives the flow of cargoes towards Europe versus Asia.

Renewables in action: a German case study

A Dec 2018 case study of a two market events in Germany illustrate the rising importance of wind output uncertainty on power price dynamics.

5 energy market surprises for 2019

5 surprises for 2019. Watch out for UK capacity payment reinstatement, merchant batteries, a gas demand shock, storage closures & rising cost of capital.

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