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A new wave of LNG supply is building

A new wave of LNG supply is forming in the mid 2020s, with 167 mtpa of committed & credible capacity. We look at the sources & key differences vs current wave.

Shell, Limejump, Gridserve & business model evolution

Large incumbent utilities & producers are swallowing small innovate players in an attempt to diversify portfolio risk and open up new growth options.

TTF animation shows wild gas curve swings

An animated movie of TTF evolution shows some wild swings in spot & forward prices over a gas market ‘mini-cycle’ from 2016-19.

Power price uncertainty: a UK case study

We look at how asset owners & investors can confront power price uncertainty, using a UK case study to show changes in price setting technologies by 2030.

Europe & Asian gas prices slump

European and Asian gas prices have fallen 40% since Sep 2018. This has been accompanied by a major shift in shape and level of the TTF forward curve.

Confronting power market uncertainty

We use a UK case study to illustrate how new approaches to confronting power market uncertainty are replacing traditional scenario analysis.

About Timera Energy

Timera Energy is a specialist energy consultancy focused on flexible gas, LNG and power assets.

Our Team has extensive experience from commercial & analytical roles in the energy industry.

Our Clients include industry leading producers, utilities and funds.

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