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Next LNG supply wave: the 5 major players

We take a tour of the 5 countries likely to dominate the next wave of LNG supply (2023-30) to see how projects line up on a competitive basis.

Monetising European gas storage value

3 core strategies underpin monetisation of European gas storage capacity. But strategies are evolving as storage value shifts to the prompt horizon.

A new UK CCGT despite no price signal

SSE pulls the trigger on a new UK CCGT project despite a big gap between current market price signals & required returns.

Belgium’s nuclear driven capacity crunch

Belgium has announced closure of its nukes by 2025, removing 50% of generation output. Renewables can’t fill the gap fast enough setting up a major crunch

Power sector switching is driving gas hub prices

We look at how gas vs coal switching is driving European hub prices and what this may mean for price levels over the next 3 years.

LNG oversupply setting up 2020s squeeze

Current oversupply in the LNG market is setting up conditions for a sharp tightening in the early-mid 2020s.

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