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European emissions: Germany in focus

A big miss of Germany’s emissions target is setting up accelerated coal closures. This will rebalance European power markets, pricing & flex requirements.

Global emissions: running to stand still

Global carbon emissions have risen 10% over the last decade. This signals a stronger policy response ahead, with big implications for power & gas markets.

How FSRU’s are impacting LNG market evolution

The global FSRU fleet is rapidly expanding, increasing LNG supply chain flexibility and improving access to emerging buyers.

Renewables can plug the French capacity gap

France is in a strong position to replace retiring fossil-fired capacity with renewables. But this approach relies on maintaining its nuclear output.

LNG supply next wave: the challengers

A group of second tier LNG producing nations are vying to upset the top 5 producers club and make a grab for market share in the next supply wave.

Next LNG supply wave: the 5 major players

We take a tour of the 5 countries likely to dominate the next wave of LNG supply (2023-30) to see how projects line up on a competitive basis.

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