July 29, 2013

A break for summer

1 min

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We are taking a short break with the blog over summer, but will be back on 26th August.  Some of the articles lined up over the next few months include:

  • European LNG cargo reload dynamics
  • The rise of central planning in European power markets
  • Rhetoric vs Reality on UK shale gas impact
  • The looming downturn in the LNG shipping market
  • European gas supply contract re-openers

In the meantime we leave you with a chart that summarises the divergent state of pricing in the global gas market.  Courtesy of Reuters and Waterborne, the chart shows the landed prices for LNG at key delivery points around the world.

Source: Reuters based on Waterborne data

In an historical context, the gas market’s post Fukushima state of regional price divergence is an anomaly.  With Asian growth slowing, Japanese nuclear plant coming back online and US exports looming, it takes a brave person to bet against a pronounced narrowing in global gas price differentials over the second half of this decade.

A break for summer