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Russia, LNG & the next 3 years

May 06, 2019

The scene is set for an intense battle for European gas market share between LNG & Russian imports. We explore supply & demand & pricing dynamics over 2019-21.

Headwinds for UK gas engine margins

Apr 29, 2019

UK gas engine economics are being challenged by weak wholesale & BM margins. This will likely have important broader implications for the UK power market.

Power sector setting gas prices in Europe

Apr 08, 2019

European power market switching is driving the TTF gas curve & Asian spot LNG prices. We look at how switching works & why it may stem further price declines.

A new wave of LNG supply is building

Mar 18, 2019

A new wave of LNG supply is forming in the mid 2020s, with 167 mtpa of committed & credible capacity. We look at the sources & key differences vs current wave.