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Inter-market shock roils power, TTF & JKM

Sep 16, 2019

Last week saw power, gas & LNG prices surge as a triple news shock hit markets... and that was before the Saudi attacks. We look at drivers & implications.

Building a viable battery margin stack

Sep 02, 2019

European merchant battery investment is taking off. But how do investors develop & quantify a viable margin stack to cover required return on capital?

Asian LNG demand stalls in H1 2019

Aug 26, 2019

Asian demand growth stalled in H1 2019. This continues to ‘snowplough’ the front of the TTF curve, but could precipitate a tighter market in the 2020s

Evolution of UK balancing flexibility

Aug 20, 2019

UK engines & batteries face a rapid transition over the next 5 years to focus on Balancing Mechanism value capture. We look at how BM flex provision may change.

FX movements driving energy prices

Jul 08, 2019

Currency movements are an important driver of the price levels of European gas, LNG, oil & coal. We look at how these markets interact with FX.

Value drivers for Spanish CCGTs

Jul 01, 2019

The Spanish power market is entering a new phase of evolution, set to precipitate the sale & closure of thermal assets. We explore CCGT value drivers.

Resurgence in UK gas storage value

Jun 24, 2019

Is the gas storage cycle transitioning from bust to boom? Analysis of UK gas storage value capture shows a substantial recovery in margins since 2016.