January 22, 2024

German battery investment opportunities

1 min

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Our feature content this week is video based. You can meet some of the Timera power team members in a recording of our recent webinar ‘The next frontier’ focused on the BESS investment case in Germany

Click here for the slide pack from the webinar.

Click here to watch the webinar video recording.

Interested in some of the content covered? We’ve included a couple of charts:

German BESS revenue stack evolution

The chart below shows a backtest of revenue stack for a 2 hour duration German battery applying an energy arbitrage strategy. This is modelled with our stochastic battery dispatch optimisation model (assuming imperfect foresight).

Source: Timera BESS dispatch optimisation model

German within-Day optimisation case study

The chart below shows a case study of within-day 15 min granularity value capture potential in the German market which we discuss in more detail in the webinar.


For more details click on the links above to see the webinar pack and view the webinar.


German battery investment opportunities