November 8, 2023

LNG charter rates rebound

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LNG spot charter rates are climbing higher, with the Spark Atlantic spot freight assessment up ~26% since mid-October. The rally is the second this winter, coming after rates rose to ~$200k/day across September (for reasons we discussed in a recent snapshot).

The initial rally was interrupted by a counter seasonal fall to lows of $130k/day through the first half of October, after a rally in TTF incentivised a partial unwinding of the Oct-Nov float.

The rebound over the past fortnight can be attributed to a combination of factors:

  • Floating storage driven by seasonal contango: Mild, windy weather in NW Europe has moderated early winter gas demand and left underground storages near tank top. To balance, the market has reopened a contango on the DA – MA spread, giving vessels incentive to float into later dated premium contracts.
  • Panama Canal constraints: El Nino weather pattern has contributed to severe droughts at the Panama Canal, diverting the flow of Asia-destined Atlantic LNG supply to lengthier shipping routes (COGH, Suez) and thus reducing vessel availability.
  • Reversion to seasonal pattern: Higher charter rates into peak winter are normal, driven by a seasonal uplift in global supply (end of maintenances) and Asian demand driving an increase in tonne-mileage.

LNG charter rates rebound