February 7, 2020

Rosie Read joins Timera as a Director

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Rosie Read joins Timera, with co-responsibility for leading our London based analyst team.  5 things to know about Rosie:

Summary: Rosie is an Operations Research expert with experience covering power-flow modelling, cost-benefit analysis, reservoir optimisation, simulation, financial analysis & system dynamics modelling.

Meridian – Energy Trader: Rosie was a senior member of the trading team at Meridian (a NZ & Australian electricity generator-retailer) with responsibility for commercial & strategic decision making.

Meridian – Energy Modelling Analyst: Prior to this Rosie was in Meridian’s analyst team, providing data-driven strategic advice as an input to regulatory submissions and strategic investment decision-making.

PA Consulting: Rosie worked as a consultant analyst on projects covering regulatory & policy issues, incentive structures and simulation & optimisation modelling.

University: Rosie studied at Canterbury University, completing a MCom Hons (1st class) focused on operations research (thesis on hydro-thermal scheduling & optimisation), a BCom Hons (1st class) and a BA (History).

Rosie brings heavyweight analytical expertise combined with strong practical commercial & regulatory experience.

Rosie Read joins Timera as a Director