October 13, 2023

Timera publishes Global Gas Report

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We have just published our H2 2023 Timera Global Gas Report with comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the LNG & European gas markets. The Report covers:

  1. Market state of play – analysis of current state of play in the LNG & European gas markets (vs history)
  2. Timera projections – Our modelling of the evolution of global market supply & demand balance to 2040
  3. Market flex – Our modelling of evolution of S&D flex & market regimes that drive prices (e.g. JKM, TTF, HH)
  4. Pricing dynamics – Our analysis of marginal pricing dynamics (e.g. spreads, volatility & correlation)
  5. Value drivers – Commercial conclusions on the impact of market evolution on gas portfolio value & risk

This Report forms part of our recently launched quarterly subscription service. For a free sample copy of the report you can contact David Duncan (Director of LNG & Gas) .

Timera publishes Global Gas Report