June 20, 2024

Timera publishes Q2 Global Gas Report

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We’re pleased to share our Q2 2024 update of the Timera Global Gas Service, this includes:

  1. Price recovery – dynamics driving gas price rise since Mar 2024 (e.g. Asian LNG demand rebound)
  2. Asian demand flex – increasingly important role of Asian flex in driving marginal prices
  3. Price evolution – our analysis of the evolution of JKM / TTF / HH price evolution to 2040 – inc. spreads, correlations, volatility dynamics
  4. Henry Hub – growing influence of US gas prices from 2026 (+ case study on impact of rising HH prices)
  5. Commercial impact – key takeaways on LNG & gas portfolio value impact

For more information regarding our subscription service view the service brochure here, for more information about our gas & LNG offerings click here.

Any further questions or access to our redacted report, please contact our director of gas & LNG David Duncan (

Timera publishes Q2 Global Gas Report

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