September 21, 2023

Why are GB batteries capturing more BM value in 2023?

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BESS BM participation pre 2023 has been very low. But BESS dispatch volumes in the BM have risen significantly this year. What is driving the increase?

  • Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA) volumes for BESS in the BM have historically averaged in the 1-2 GWh per month range (i.e. very low)
  • BESS BOA volumes have increased steadily in 2023, rising to 10-18 GWh per month across Summer 2023, an at least 5x increase  (see chart)
  • Both BM & Within-Day value capture opportunities for BESS are being supported by increasing RES driven price volatility e.g. greater prevalence of negative prices.
  • BM value capture also reflects:
    • 1. higher volumes of BESS coming online in 2023 and
    • 2. an increase in BESS optimiser focus on the BM e.g. as the value of alternative ancillary & NIV chasing strategies erode
  • Going forwards National Grid’s Open Balancing Platform reforms are set to further support BESS BM value capture


We have a special focus section on drivers of increasing BESS BM value capture in our latest GB BESS subscription service report just released. Contact if you’re interested in more information and a sample report.

Why are GB batteries capturing more BM value in 2023?