Join our German BESS webinar “The next frontier” on 28th November

14 Nov 2023

Topic: “The next frontier” – The drivers behind a surge in German battery investment

Time & access: Tues 28th Nov 09:00 GMT (10:00 CET, 16:00 SGT)

Registration: Pre-registration required (access is free); webinar registration link – register here


  1. Fundamental value drivers (e.g. RES growth, thermal retirements)
  2. DE BESS revenue stack breakdown & backtest
  3. How the within-day market is driving value capture
  4. Financing & offtake structures
  5. Key policy & investment risks

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Timera is recruiting – like a new job?

26 Oct 2023

We are seeing a strong increase in client demand for our service, as the energy transition and focus on flexibility gathers pace. As a result we are actively looking to expand our team by recruiting both Analysts and Senior Analysts.

We are looking for people with strong commercial, analytical & problem solving skills to join our vibrant team. Our packages are very competitive and we have a strong focus on work / life balance. If you are interested in more details see Working with Timera.


Click here for a description of the roles we are looking to fill:

  1. Senior Analyst – Power focus
  2. Senior Analyst – Gas focus
  3. Analyst – Commercial focus

If you are interested, please send a CV to

Timera publishes Global Gas Report

13 Oct 2023

We have just published our H2 2023 Timera Global Gas Report with comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the LNG & European gas markets. The Report covers:

  1. Market state of play – analysis of current state of play in the LNG & European gas markets (vs history)
  2. Timera projections – Our modelling of the evolution of global market supply & demand balance to 2040
  3. Market flex – Our modelling of evolution of S&D flex & market regimes that drive prices (e.g. JKM, TTF, HH)
  4. Pricing dynamics – Our analysis of marginal pricing dynamics (e.g. spreads, volatility & correlation)
  5. Value drivers – Commercial conclusions on the impact of market evolution on gas portfolio value & risk

This Report forms part of our recently launched quarterly subscription service. For a free sample copy of the report you can contact David Duncan (Director of LNG & Gas) .

Join our LNG webinar “A new lens” on 17th October

22 Sep 2023

Topic: “A new lens” – how shifting pricing dynamics are set to drive LNG portfolio value

Time & access: Tues 17th Oct 09:00 BST (10:00 CET, 16:00 SGT)

Registration: Pre-registration required (access is free); webinar registration link – register here


  1. Market regime shift set up from 2024 into 2030s
  2. Marginal drivers of regional price spread evolution (e.g. HH vs TTF vs JKM)
  3. Evolution of price volatility & correlation + value impact
  4. Why crude vs gas pricing is set to be a big LNG portfolio value driver
  5. Brent SPA case study quantifying valuation breakdown

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Timera Energy are speaking at Gastech 2023

2 Aug 2023

David Duncan (Director of LNG & Gas) will be speaking at Gastech 2023 in Singapore, on 5th September.

Please get in touch with David ( if you would like to catch up on the services Timera Energy provide, LNG Bridge, our quarterly Global Gas Service or anything else.


Speaking slot:

  • Tuesday 5th September
  • 14:45-15:45
  • Managing short-term market dynamics
  • “New market regime a game changer for LNG portfolio strategy”

Timera launches quarterly Global Gas Service

24 Jun 2023

We have recently launched a quarterly Global Gas Service.  A quick summary:

  • Detailed analysis, quantifying evolution of:
  1. Market supply & demand balance
  2. Pricing dynamics
  3. Asset value impact & conclusions
  • Comprehensive quarterly projection dataset & chartbook
  • Detailed slide-based report
  • Direct access to our experts

For more details see our brochure here.


You can also contact David Duncan – Gas & LNG Director ( or Olly Spinks – Managing Director (

Join our webinar on LNG market evolution on 14th Jun 2023

9 May 2023

Topic: “What next?” – a framework for analysing LNG market evolution & portfolio value drivers in a post-crisis world

Time & access: Wed 14th Jun 09:00 BST (10:00 CET, 16:00 SGT)

Registration: Pre-registration required (access is free); webinar registration link – register here


  • Market regime framework for price evolution to 2035
  • Downside risks e.g. 2023 and 2026-28 vs potential re-tightening e.g. 2024-25
  • How marginal pricing dynamics are shifting post-crisis (e.g. JKM vs TTF vs DES NWE)
  • Why price volatility is structurally increasing
  • Implications of new market dynamics for LNG portfolio value (e.g. US tolls, regas, shipping)

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Join our webinar on EU battery investment April 20th

22 Mar 2023

European battery investment webinar on April 20th 2023

Topic: “Targeting EU battery value” – revenue stack, opportunities & challenges for BESS investors across EU

Time & access: Thurs 20th Apr (2-3pm BST, 15-16 CET), free to attend

Registration: Pre-registration required (access is free); webinar registration link – register here


  • Ranking BESS investment potential across EU markets
  • BESS revenue stack structure (energy arbitrage, ancillaries, capacity)
  • Evolution of key price signals & revenue drivers
  • Investment challenges (e.g. policy, network charging)
  • Key BESS investment case drivers
  • Q&A section

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2022 Timera client work review

12 Dec 2022

A round up of interesting Timera client work this year, that provides an insight into where flex asset investors and owners are focusing:

  • EU batteries: High price volatility and ancillary service market reform (e.g. aFRR) drove a big increase in clients engaging us to support BESS investment across Western Europe. Key focus markets this year: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy & Spain.
  • GB batteries: Capital deployment by GE BESS developers so far remains a level above EU markets. We have also seen a rapid pick up in transaction work driven by BESS portfolio aggregation & new entrants looking to acquire sites (given connection access constraints).
  • Hydrogen: We have seen a strong client shift in 2022 to focus on specific project investment case development as policy support take shape. Optimisation of site design is a key focus e.g. sizing & flex of electrolyser, storage & offtake.
  • LNG portfolio construction: Europe’s pivot to LNG has driven strong client engagement for us to provide contract & portfolio valuation analysis. Key focus areas are new SPAs (US flex focus), regas capacity additions & re-negotiation of contract structures / pricing.
  • EU regas & midstream: We have seen a specific client focus on investment in EU regas capacity. This has been both supporting clients understand the value impact of buying capacity & supporting developers structure offtake options.
  • Peaking flex: We continue to work with peaking asset owners & investors on analysing market & asset margin dynamics.  We have also worked with several clients on retrofitting & repowering peakers with hydrogen in the 2030s.
  • Colocation: We have done a number of engagements on BESS sizing and revenue stack impact of colocation (both wind & solar). RES investors are also increasingly asking us to analyse diversification benefits of adding BESS to RES portfolios.
  • Transactions: Our commercial due diligence & valuation support this year included BESS portfolios across GB, Benelux, Italy & Spain (several with RES colocation focus). We also supported major LNG portfolio & midstream gas processes. Thermal power transactions were quieter relative to previous years.

Join our battery investment webinar on Nov 24th

17 Nov 2022

Topic: “Beyond ancillaries” – structural shift in GB battery revenue stack from ancillaries to energy arbitrage

Time & access: 14:00-15:00 BST, 15:00-16:00 CET; free access

Registration: Pre-registration required (access is free); register here.


  • Evidence of ancillary service revenue saturation (DC, FFR)
  • Surging ‘energy arbitrage’ price signals (intraday price shape & volatility)
  • Growing importance of Balancing Mechanism in driving BESS revenues
  • Backtesting analysis of GB BESS asset revenue capture (2018-22)
  • State of play: key BESS investment case drivers & risks

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