LNG portfolio value – Timera in print

23 Sep 2020

Strong LNG market growth (around 10% a year across 2016-19) is driving the rapid evolution of LNG portfolios.  Large producers such as Shell, BP and Total are expanding their value-chain presence. Trading focused intermediaries including Gunvor, Vitol and Trafigura are driving liquidity growth and evolution of the traded market. And major buyers like Japan’s Jera, South Korea’s Kogas and Singapore’s Pavilion are expanding their portfolio footprints and developing commercial capabilities or joint ventures to support this growth.

LNG portfolio value creation is underpinned by the ability to quantify incremental value from adding new assets, contracts and hedging strategies. A successful modelling framework can be the ‘engine room’ of portfolio value growth. Timera has published an article in Petroleum Economist in Sep 2020 that looks at LNG portfolio value creation and the development of an analytical capability to support it.

Timera is recruiting

18 Jun 2020

We are looking for Analysts to join our team, given strong growth in demand for our services in 2020. As momentum behind the energy transition and the role of flexibility gathers pace we are actively expanding our analyst capability.  We are looking to recruit Analysts with 1-4 years energy industry experience.  For more details and a role specification see Working with Timera.

2020 Timera project focus & Covid-19

13 May 2020

Our client project work in 2020 provides a useful ‘cross section’ insight into current issues driving energy markets. The impact of Covid-19 has emerged as a key factor since Mar-20. But we have been surprised how little disruption Covid-19 has had on key structural trends. What  has been the focus of our client engagements so far this year?

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Timera’s ‘Flex to decarbonise’ briefing pack

2 Mar 2020

We set out analysis that shows a major capacity deficit opening up across European power market over the next 3 years. Despite increasingly rapid renewables build, parallel closures of nuclear and coal plants see the capacity deficit rise to at least 60GW by 2030.

Our modelling shows an investment requirement in 4 key types of flexibility.  We estimate investment of at least €25bn by 2025 and €55 bn by 2030 is needed to maintain security of supply.

For more information click here to download the briefing pack.

Timera launches LNG Bridge model

14 Feb 2020

We have developed a sophisticated LNG portfolio valuation model for our client base of LNG portfolio players. The LNG Bridge model enables intrinsic & extrinsic analysis of investment options, hedging & contracting strategies.

Timera has been engaged by a number of leading LNG companies to deliver LNG portfolio analysis & modelling solutions. These include Cheniere, PetroChina, Qatargas, Glencore & Novatek. LNG Bridge is a configurable & modular stochastic simulation based portfolio valuation model. It produces risk/return and value distribution analysis of complex LNG portfolios over a 3 month to 20 year horizon.

For more information click here for a briefing pack.

Rosie Read joins Timera as a Director

19 Jan 2020

We are delighted to announce another Timera senior hire with Rosie Read joining our team as a Director.  She will have co-responsibility for leading our London based team of analysts. 

Rosie is an expert in operations research (OR) techniques and their application to the energy industry. She has strong practical commercial experience in the utility sector, covering market design & regulation, developing strategic market models, investment analysis, hydro-optimisation, trading and market operations.

Find out more about Rosie here 

Timera launches new website & blog

17 Jan 2020

We have recently completed a comprehensive brand refresh for Timera. This includes revised service lines, a new website, new publication format and a new blog layout.  

The refresh reflects the rapid evolution of our team, client base and credentials.  Our website contains new details on our client base, project case studies & our expanding team.  Take a minute to look around and feel free to contact us for more information.