H2 models & methodology

Our approach to hydrogen supply chain modelling

Hydrogen assets (e.g. electrolysers) cannot be analysed in isolation as they sit within complex interdependent supply chains.  

Our hydrogen asset modelling framework can be applied for 

1. Investment analysis e.g. asset valuation; supply chain component configuration / sizing 

2. Optimisation of operational supply chain assets e.g. electrolysers.

Our modelling framework can be configured to capture the unique exposures and embedded flexibility within specific hydrogen supply chains. 

Hydrogen supply chain model


Our hydrogen supply chain modelling capability can be used to analyse both electrolyser & SMR based supply chains. 

The model captures interactions between hydrogen production assets, hydrogen storage, RES assets, PPAs, hydrogen offtake agreements and power & ancillary service markets. 

The model optimises capacity against hundreds of simulations of key input variables (e.g. RES profiles, offtake, power & gas prices). This simulation based approach is key for robust analysis of supply chain flexibility and associated value. 

Features of the model 

1. Flexible configuration allows analysis of diverse supply chain configurations

2. Supports investment appraisal and supply chain component sizing 

3. Risk factor simulation provides robust representation of key sources of risk 

4. Fundamental modelling of key risk factors (e.g. power prices, RES) 

5. Supply chain optimisation replicates real world decision making .