Power subscription services

GB battery subscription service

Our service includes

A. Battery Investment Tool populated with latest projections of revenue stack, opex & capex to 2050 covering all BESS configurations (Quarterly)

B. Timera Battery Report with detailed up to date analysis of market & asset value drivers (Bi-annual)

C. ‘One on one’ workshop with Timera’s team of storage experts to review & challenge Tool & Report (Bi-annual)

A. Battery Investment Tool


Investors are faced with a broad & constantly evolving range of BESS project options & configurations. Our Tool empowers investors with robust & configurable analysis to support effective investment decision making.

Data in the Tool is regularly updated using our industry leading stochastic battery model. Many leading investors are using the Tool to develop & acquire BESS assets in the GB market.

Features of the tool

1. Highly configurable to value broad range of BESS sites

2. User can define a range of value sensitivities

3. Full set of revenue, opex & capex lines for asset valuation

4. Robust capture of degradation impact on cell opex / capex

5. Underpinned by sophisticated market & asset modelling

B. Timera Battery Report


Our bi-annual Report provides battery investors with unique analysis of market & asset value drivers. It contains extensive data driven analysis to support commercial & investment decision making.

The report draws on our unique market intelligence & practical experience working with storage investors, traders & offtakers.

Summary of contents

1. Key value drivers & risks impacting storage asset value & investment

2. Detailed analysis of storage market drivers (spreads, volatility, balancing & ancillary prices)

3. Investment drivers (policy, offtake contracts, financing conditions, project pipeline)

4. Extensive BESS asset margin stack analysis including full revenue backtesting & BESS revenue stack projections to 2050

C. Workshop – talk to the experts


One on one workshops providing regular access to our team of storage experts with extensive commercial expertise dispatching, optimising & investing in storage assets.